Making Your Own Wine Barrels For Fun And Profit


Once considered an eyesore, old wine barrels are making a comeback. Beautiful but durable, old wine barrels weren,t just designed for rugged travels but designed for reuse. For centuries wineries have used unused old wine barrels for everything from hot tubs to outdoor bar stools to new bar equipment. Now you too can easily incorporate a wine barrel production of your own to your own home with these 38 tips for reusing old wine barrels.

The first method of how wine is made involves finding sturdy oak barrels or wagons to build your storage cellar in. You can purchase old wine barrels at most places that rebuilding them. Reusing these barrels is simple and often less expensive than purchasing brand new ones. Reusing these barrels also works better with smaller quantities. Building drums from oak, as well as barrels bought at a rebuilding shop, are both practical options for you if you,re going to use these methods.

Another popular method of how wine is made involves using cast iron wagons or drums. Cast iron is known for its durability and is the material that professional winemakers use in making high-quality wine. These barrels aren,t ideal for rebuilding because they take up more room but if you need a large number of barrels or just want a large variety, then these are perfect. You can find these at almost any construction site or recycling center.

If you,ve got a large group of people who are hesitant about the idea of rebuilding wine barrels, then you may want to consider buying a kit to make wine barrel bike kits. These kits are designed to make the entire process easy and fun, especially for children who love building things. They come with everything you need to create a winery from old wine barrels, such as the corkscrew and cork opener, as well as all of the tubing, fittings, and screw tops you,ll need. The winemaker simply has to refill the wine barrels with the liquid and strap on the barrel bike to create the siphon that turning the wine into wine.

You don,t have to buy an entire set to get started. However, it,s not a bad idea to get started with two, three, or even more different kits to see which one you like best. This way, you,ll have plenty of options open to you when it comes time to make your own wine. These kits make great educational tools, too, since you,ll learn a lot by making and reusing old wine barrels made for this purpose.

If you,re interested in learning how to make wine, but don,t want to spend a lot of money on this project, just look around your house and you,ll find old wine barrels, which are surprisingly easy to reuse. For example, a wine rack is made out of wood and maybe left unfinished, or it can be stained or painted to make it look just like new. You can also get a rustic barstool made from wood.